The MLS Outlook is designed to share relevant trends and issues that could have an impact on your MLS and your business. The MLS Outlook will consist of articles, events, and videos with experts from all over the U.S. about what the future of the MLS looks like, where cutting edge MLS’s are going, and how they are delivering the most value to their members.

We will continue to deliver information that answers the questions we are receiving from you, our members… What’s REALLY happening with the MLS? What does all this mean for your business? It’s time to join the conversation about your MLS.

SDAR is committed to keeping MLS data local and ensuring our members’ MLS needs are met.


October MLS outlook: Introducing San Diego | One Portal and Tips for your business!

In this edition of our monthly Outlook newsletter, we give you an overview of the new portal, provide our latest market stats and give you Paragon tips to easily customize your interface with your headshot and logo and a “heads up” regarding the updates coming soon.

September Edition: Paragon Tips and Tricks, Meet the Team and more...

This month's newsletter is full of tips for you and your business, information about our MLS statistics service, and our member highlight featuring Kelly Allen Mitchell, the Rules Administrator of SDMLS. Kelly is here to assist you with all your MLS rules and listing questions.

August MLS Outlook: Latest Issue of The Scoop, Get Secrets from Top Selling Agents and More

This edition of MLS Outlook includes Latest issue of the Scoop, a profile on SDMLS Member Services Manager Kim Taylor and a chance to sign up for Secrets of Top Selling Agents Seminar

July MLS Outlook: MLS Housing Statistics, plus Paragon Tips and Tricks

This edition of MLS Outlook includes Paragon Tricks and tips, a profile on Tech Support Manager Gary Bild and a chance to sign up for our new weekly statistics text

June MLS Outlook: Join Us for MLS and Transactional Tool Webinars

This edition of MLS Outlook includes Paragon Tricks and Tips, a profile on SDMLS trainer Ian Clark and a chance to sign up for MLS Transactional Tool Webinars

June Special Edition MLS Outlook: SDMLS has Moved & Tech Support is Now Available 7 Days a Week!

This edition of MLS Outlook includes a recap of Elevate Expo 2019, a profile on SDMLS trainer Pam Howard and the announcement that technical support is now available 7 days a week!

May MLS Outlook: Learn What's New And Next From The San Diego MLS

This edition of MLS Outlook includes Save the date / event schedule for Elevate Expo 2019 and a product/solution breakdown for Remine, Cloud CMA and Connect MLS

April MLS Outlook: Photographers, Licensing Images and the PIA agreement

At times photographers are hired without any written agreements regarding the use and licensing of images. Learn how to resolve these issues