Why Bridge Listing Input?

Bridge Listing Input uses clean design, artificial intelligence and your business rules to make creating listings easier than ever before! With absolutely no limits on photos, videos and file sizes, you can now showcase your listings even more to generate increased interest from prospective buyers. The tool uses a simple-to-use online form for creating and editing listings… and all of this can be done from your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

Now you can easily collaborate with photographers or other team members, enabling them to directly upload photos right to Bridge Interactive, which serves as a single point of entry for additional MLSs and back-office systems. We’ve eliminated the need for dual entry, giving you a streamlined, more efficient process.

Bridge makes it easier to create better listings, share them with your team members and resources, and use them to develop better marketing and more powerful software.

What does Bridge Listing Input offer?

  • Bridge Listing Input offers no limits on photos for each of your listings

  • The learning capabilities inside of Listing Input helps you create more information-rich listings, faster

  • Create your listing once and send it everywhere it needs to go, whether that’s to another MLS (do we really want to say this?) or a back-office system

  • Bridge Listing Input integrates with the tools you currently use with San Diego MLS, which will streamline the work you do for your listings and allow you to spend more time with your clients

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