connect MLS

Why connectMLS?

SDMLS is officially mobile! Say hello to connectMLS, San Diego’s first and only locally based, mobile-optimized MLS solution. connectMLS is compatible with any device, which allows you to seamlessly transition from working on your desktop to a mobile phone or tablet. connectMLS also works in conjunction with Paragon™, so you can easily switch between the two solutions. ​​​​​​​Are you ready to take your business on the go and manage your listings from any device? Try it out today!

Look for upcoming connectMLS webinars.

connectMLS Key Features

  • Real-time data feeds between Paragon and connectMLS allowing you to seamlessly work between the two platforms. (You don’t have to choose!)
  • Mobile optimization that runs on any device
  • A 100% mobile MLS platform including:
    • Adding and editing listings
    • Reporting
    • Contact Management Solutions
    • Fast and Extensive Property Searches
    • Embedded Transaction Management System (TMS)
    • Included in your MLS fees – no fee increase!
  • View a Comparison between Paragon and connectMLS
connect MLS