Why IXACT Contact?

IXACT Contact offers a wide range of professional marketing content, management of all your active business, and the ability to automate much of your day-to-day work. IXACT Contact is an integrated CRM and marketing automation solution designed specifically for real estate agents. With IXACT Contact, you’ll be managing your leads, business pipeline, keep-in-touch calls, email marketing, and active business more easily than you ever imagined.

Your website needs to be more than just graphically appealing. It needs to have the content and functionality that truly grows your business. Additionally, you can create your mobile-friendly agent website in minutes!

IXACT Contact is simply the best CRM for Real Estate.

What does IXACT Contact offer?

  • Organize and manage all your contacts

  • Keep in touch and get more referrals from your clients and prospective clients.

  • Nurture and convert leads into clients to grow your business.

  • Professional design and strategically-written content to better position you in the market.

  • Capture more leads, automatically

  • Great looking on any device or browser

  • Expand your reach with social media

  • Professionally-written blog posts,branded to you, that helps build your credibility

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Thinking IXACT Contact might be a good fit for you? Here are three videos that should convince you to sign up today