Why Proxio?

Proxio is a global real estate marketing platform that will help you expand your business. Proxio has a nationwide and worldwide reach of 168 countries, with more than 3 million properties, and 900,000 agents. Primary SDAR members receive a standard Proxio Connect account with your membership.

Proxio’s 100% digital marketing and sales platform has modernized the way real estate entities engage and equip their sales teams and promote their properties. Some of the largest brokerages and builders in the United States and around the world rely on Proxio’s platform to produce beautiful digital marketing materials, distribute and share them with sales teams and clients, generate and track leads, and analyze marketing results.

What does Proxio Offer?

  • Exposure to more inventory, including new developments, enables you to expand your business with local, multicultural, and international clients

  • Agents all over the world promote your listings in their markets and through social media, exposing your properties to new pools of buyers, in their language of choice

  • Develop a referral network by connecting with motivated real estate professionals locally and around the world using sophisticated digital marketing tools

  • Gain a competitive advantage and impress prospective clients with beautiful digital marketing that positions you as an exceptional professional

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Still not sure if Proxio is for you?
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