Why Remine?

Remine is an innovative map-based tool that combines data on property and people to help you spend more time prospecting the right clients at the right time.

With Remine you can improve the information you see from the MLS front end. It is a software platform that combines property records, data visualization, tracking, and predictive analytics. Remine is a powerful, multi-purpose tool fully integrated with the San Diego MLS data that helps you harvest new leads. In addition to the base platform, Remine offers a mobile app, client portal, and CMA generator.
​​​​​​​The best part is that Remine is included as part of your SDMLS subscription. All you need to do is access it, and you're on your way.

What does Remine offer?

  • Simple map-based search that sorts properties by a propensity to sell, value, equity, mortgage information, ownership time, and much more

  • Predictive analytics that allows you to know when clients are most likely to buy or sell property based on the age of their mortgage and other factors

  • Track people and properties with timely alerts so you can keep a pulse on the properties, neighborhoods, and people including changes in sell score, MLS activity, occupancy, deeds and more

  • Subscribers can purchase household contact information of owners, absentee-owners, and non-owner occupants directly through Remine

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Download the no-cost Remine app from the App Store or Google Play

Need more information to get onboard?
Check this video that explains how Remine uses data to reveal new opportunities.