Why Cloud CMA?

Cloud CMA takes the wealth of aggregated data in the San Diego MLS and turns it into comprehensive CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) reports that are highly visually appealing and easy for tyour clients to understand. Now you can educate your clients about their local market so that they can set the highest competitive price for their home. Reports are customizable both in design and content, with agent branding and options for map-based area comparisons, property analysis, suggested listing price, and commission breakdown.

One of the most important aspects of a good listing presentation is having a comprehensive CMA. With Cloud CMA we have taken great care to strategically design every aspect of the CMA to help you win the listing.

A comparative market analysis is one of the most important tools you have as a real estate professional. Cloud CMA is the real estate CMA software that will make you look awesome in front of your clients and help you get the listings you want.

What Does Cloud CMA offer?

  • Elevates your REALTOR® CMA (comparative market analysis) with an abridged screen-based presentation that will seal the deal. Hit on the key points of your report without skipping a beat

  • Easily create amazing CMA reports, Buyer Tours, Property Reports and Flyers. Win more listings with the best CMA tools on the market

  • Credible, robust reports that will help you write more offers and win more listings, by making you look awesome in front of your clients

  • While you can choose from a variety of CMA real estate templates, Cloud CMA can also help you create your own unique report set with your company’s branding

  • With SDMLS, you have Cloud CMA available to help you grow your business and close more deals

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