Why LionDesk?

LionDesk is a cloud-based customer relationship management system (CRM) and communications tool for REALTORS® and Brokers that makes it easy and affordable for REALTORS® to use advanced technology to run their entire business from one system.

LionDesk integrates with hundreds of the best business building and management tools. The platform helps you organize your contacts, stop leads from falling through the cracks, and stay top-of-mind with past customers so you're always the chosen agent.

LionDesk has tools to help you become more efficient with your time and close more sales.

What does LionDesk offer?

  • Tracks your phone calls, emails, and other interactions, with powerful filters to allow you to see who you should be contacting next

  • Automates your follow-up process with LionDesk's drip marketing campaigns with your custom templates

  • View reporting on which of your campaigns are working best, view open rates, click-throughs and more

  • Upload your legal documents, client presentations and more

  • The Ability to assign leads and contacts to other team members and distribute to them based on performance

  • Use a pre-built plan such as our Closing Plans, Listing Presentations, 30/45 day escrow plans, or create your own version

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Still not sure if it's right for you? Check out this introduction to LionDesk.