Why FastStats?

Get up-to-date statistics on the local housing market. Download monthly statistics from your market area and customize the reports with your logo. As an SDMLS member, you also have access to historical stats to compare to past years and identify long-term trends in the real estate market. Access historical stats by logging in to your dashboard.

Having in-depth and up-to-date housing data and market statistics is crucial for real estate professionals looking to stand out in their market.

Not only does such data help in listing presentations, but it also enables you to position yourself as the local market expert by using tools such as FastStats to post and share relevant data on your website, blog, or social media profiles.

What does FastStats offer?

  • Easy to use, in-depth reports are already created; simply click to get a full display of data for all selected localities within a clean and visual interface

  • Clean and visible interactive maps of local housing statistics in a sleek, intuitive, easy-to-use modern interface

  • Create detailed one-page market reports for any type of geographic area

  • Get a complete picture with reports on metrics, supply, foreclosures and more

  • Select county, city, neighborhood, school district or other geographies to see a detailed one-page local market update for that selection covering a variety of metrics

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